Empaths and Being Empathic

We all have mirror neurons that help us relate to others and to the world's energy. However, some of us have highly sensitive mirror neural activity and we feel energies as if they were our own. Whether you are empathic or an Empath, your ability to attune to others is a gift Not sure if this class is for you? Take the quiz and see if you have empathic qualities.

Yoga for Empaths

Friday, August 19 at Salternative Spa 7:00-9:00pm

I watch a sad movie and it stays with me for days. True/False

My friends seek me out because I'm a good listener. True/False

I'm usually overwhelmed or exhausted after being in large crowds. True/False

I can always tell when someone is sad even if they appear happy. True/False

One minute I can be feeling fine and the next I feel something completely different and I don't understand why. True/False

No matter what emotions I'm experiencing, being in nature lifts my energy. True/False

I find myself taking care of others more than myself. True/False

I do not need to see people's faces to read their emotions. True/False

I often mimic the mannerisms, accents, and body language of others without meaning to. True/False

I often feel protective feelings toward people, animals, and the environment even if I don't know them (or the situation). True/False

I am very sensitive to foods and the environment. True/False

I am deeply sensitive to things like sounds, colors, textures, scents, shapes, and spatial relationships between objects. True/False

Sometimes I dream of things happening to others before they actually do occur. True/False

If you answered "True" to more than half the questions, chances are you have strong empathic qualities. Join me Friday to learn 5 key practices within yoga that can help you establish personal boundaries and keep you connected to your center. www.salternativespa.com 

Cost: $40 Time: 7:00-9:00pm