Personal Growth Tools Right in Your Hand

THIS is really happening!

As of today, I’m pleased to announce the launch of our new personal growth mobile app called Veraki. The name is a combination of the words Vision + Meraki (a Greek word meaning “the love or essence of yourself put into something). My business partners, Kim Stanley and Kelly Asper, and I are thrilled (imagine the three of us FaceTiming and doing a happy dance!)

With a majority of the world learning how to live and work in a new way in response to COVID-19, you can use this time for self-reflection. It's a time to create a routine or personal practice that keeps you centered and focused. Many of you have reached out to me asking for resources to help stay grounded (and sane) while we are sequestered in our homes. This is where Veraki can help.

The Veraki tools are designed to help you visualize what you want - and that may mean visualizing yourself managing this newness, creating new healthy habits, or even engaging with your family members differently.

If you're like me and you're finding yourself using social media more and more, try the refreshing and uplifting Veraki Connect Page. It's a social platform built right into the app that helps you stay inspired while sharing positive and motivating posts. We've done away with like and heart buttons so the posts remain intrinsically motivating - not a popularity contest. I scroll through it once a day because it makes me smile seeing a community of people sharing their visions.

Veraki includes the following features:

  • Vision boarding – tips to create your own digital vision board - helping you visualize the life you desire

  • Daily reminders and exercises to keep you focused on your goals

  • Library of helpful articles, exercises, videos, and visualization recordings

  • Action steps to take to keep you committed to your priorities

I invite you to download the Veraki app from the Apple and Google Play stores on your mobile device today. For subscription information, CLICK HERE



I value your feedback and experiences with the app. Veraki is constantly evolving. Changes, upgrades, and general maintenance will be happening on a regular basis. Your ideas, as well as your general impressions of the app, can help us with this process. You're welcome to email me or reach out via our website at

Please help us spread the word by following and liking Veraki on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube @realveraki and share us with your friends and co-workers too! Great tags include:


#veraki #realveraki




My current vision board centers around community and gratitude. You are part of my community and I’m grateful I have the chance to journey through this time with you! Thank you for supporting me and our team!

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