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Each of us is born with a unique blueprint that includes our personality, emotional body, and our soul. When you understand how you push, pull, and interact with the elements in your astrological natal chart, you'll have practical tools that lead you to the highest potential of your authentic self. 

A chart reading can help you:

  • See your personal strengths and define your challenges

  • Feel at home in your own skin

  • Understand your life lesson

  • Pinpoint repetitive cycles that can be doorways to transformation

  • Fall in love with your destiny

  • Get unstuck from unhealthy habits or patterns

  • Shine your most beautiful self in work, family, relationships, and so much more

Readings are 60 minutes via a recorded call. Contact Sandy for details.

Private Lessons

Interested in booking a private lesson for you or a small group? Send a message via the form below to discuss options. 

Ongoing Classes

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