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Practitioner, teacher, educator, director, writer, parent...those are just some of the roles I've chosen over the last 30 years. Whether I am helping kids or adults, my mission is the same - empowering people to be aware of their emotions, actions, thoughts, and energy while effectively engaging with one another.

In 2019, I helped co-found a personal growth company called Veraki. We started with the desire to serve others as they journey through their personal development. The steep learning curve of a start-up helped me in my own growth as well. I chose to step away in 2021 and now find myself in that unique, sometimes uncomfortable, space between what has ended and what has yet to come.

As I create my next step, I bring with me all that I've learned along the way. I know connection with others fuels my purpose. I've discovered we can have meaningful interactions with one another even when we can't meet in person. I don't know what comes next in my personal growth journey, but I'm committed to listening and learning. 

My experience with meditation, visualization, yoga, and other embodied practices have given me a toolbox of resources that I wish to share. I suggest starting with an astrology chart reading. When you know the blueprint of your life, you can see the repetitive cycles that show up to provide you with your life lesson. Next, try adding a meditation, visualization, or yoga practice. The links on this site will help you get started. 


What life skills do you want to learn? What do you want to change? Let's connect and see what's next.